– You and I –

You and IYou and I

You and I:  We Could Make It
If We Opened Our Eyes
To The Origin of Pain Thrust Upon Us
Instead We Both Choose To Be Blind and/or Deaf
As The Days Make a Mockery of ‘What Was’…

You and I:  We’re Like Fire
On a Heated Plateau
Burning Straight Through To The Core
We’re Caught In The Embers of Passion and Lust
Like a Fiend – Always Wanting, Needing More

You and I:  We’re Like Wind
Always Changing, Ever Moving
Like a Ghost, Look It’s There! – Then It’s Gone
Our Breeze Will Grow Strong, or Will Falter and Fade
Either Way Is a Struggle To Hang On

You and I: We’re an Energy
That None Other Could Rival
Like a Force To Annihilate all Doubt
Why Can’t We Channel This Power We Possess
Into Something We Can’t Live Without?

You and I:  We’re Like Water
Streams Joined To One River
In an Endless Cycle of Life
Ocean Waves Pound at The Walls of This Heart
With a Test of Both Heartache and Strife

You and I:  We’re Like Lava
Boiling Point To The Max
Like a Fever Burning Out of Control
Why Do We Suffer The Same Hate and Confusion
Let This Volcano Erupt When It’s Full

You and I:  We’re Like Ice
Both With Access To a Chisel
As We Thaw Then Refreeze How We Feel
One Ounce of Compassion Is all That We Need
If We Ever Want This Frost Burn To Heal

You and I:  We Could Make It
If We Just Found a Way
We Could Fight For What We Both Know Is There
The World Is Our Playground, We Could Skip Through The Stars
And Abandon Every Worry, Regret, and all Care…

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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