– Words For The Weary –

Words For The WearyWords For The Weary

When Feeling Lost With No Control
Remember Who You Are
That Thought Alone Should Be Enough
To Deal With any Scar.

When Rocks are Thrown by Random Chance
They Make For a Bumpy Ride
Although They May Be Rough Indeed
Don’t Let Them Break Your Stride.

When all Around Your World Falls Down
Just Open Your Umbrella
A Song of Woe May Fit The Mood
But You Won’t Sing a Cappella.

When Everywhere You Look and Turn
Seems Worse Off Than The Last
Just Listen To Your Heart Speak True
Each Thing, In Time, Shall Pass.

When Everyone Just Has That Urge
To Tell You What They Think
Good or Bad – Just Shrug It Off
Smile, Then Just Wink.

When Tortured by Your Very Thoughts
Of Dreams So Far Out of Reach
Dedicate Some Time To Those
A Willingness To Each.

When Chaos Presents Itself Uninvited
Step Back and Survey The Scene
You May Be Surprised at The Good To Be Found
When You Separate The Good From The Fiends.

When Anger Fuels The Moves You Make
Tread Carefully Upon The Land
Be Sure Your Cause Is Worth The Fight
Be Ready To Take a Stand.

When The Day Is Done But Not Your Tasks
And Salvation Is What You Crave
Take The Time To Live Your Life
Do Not Just Be Your Own Slave.

When Stuck Between a Rock and Stone
Just Carve Them Into Beauty
For That Is What They Should Become
When Initiative Allies With Duty.

When Wondering What Could Have Been
When You Ask Yourself; “What If…”
Forget Regret and Take That Leap
Climb The Highest Cliff.

When Bargaining For This or That
Regarding a Personal Matter
Sacrifice and Happiness
Will Make Malevolence Shatter.

When Terrified With What Went Wrong
Or What Yet May Soon To Be
Summon The Strength You Have On Reserve
Or Borrow Some From Me.

When Cornered by a Daunting Force
Relax, Remember To Breathe
Deal With It In 1’s & 2’s
Disorder May Be Sheathed.

When Struggling Through Each Day by Day
Let Your Dreams Propel You Forth
Allow The ‘Time’ To Cradle Your Path
Keep Your Eyes Trained On North.

When Feeling Down With No Way Out
Then Make a New Way In
Reinvent The Way You Think
Let The Spontaneity Begin.


© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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