– Winter Warmth –

Winter WarmthWinter Warmth

Fresh White Snow Lies Clean and Pristine
Like a Layer of Bittersweet Icing
The Sun Refracts From Off Its Surface
Into Prisms Both Warm and Enticing

The Windows are Frosty and The Chimney Churns Heat
As The Children Cozy Up To The Fire
They Sing With The Music of Joy and St. Nick
Little Angels Befitting a Choir

The Ham Has Been Glazed and The Stockings are Stuffed
All The Cards Sealed and Sent Through The Mail
The Presents are Wrapped Like The Lights ‘Round The Tree
Peace and Love Grace The Air Like a Veil

The Froth of This Cocoa Has Steamed Up This Mug
Like The Happiness I Feel When You’re Near
Believe In Your Hopes, In Your Wishes, and Dreams
And Hold Fast To Them Come The New Year

We’ll Awake In The Morning all New and Refreshed
With Our Presence and Smiles Aglow
Knowing That This Year, as Well as The Next
That Our Love Will Continue To Grow

The Cookies are Baked, Resolutions are Set
Ring of Sleigh Bells Enchanting The Air
This Season Holds Meaning For You and For Me
That Is Love; Both To Have and To Share

Breanne Katherine
© All Rights Reserved

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