– White Dove Redemption –

White Dove RedemptionWhite Dove Redemption

Step One: Relax and Close Your Eyes
Step Two: Now Take a Deep Breath
Step Three: Count Off From 1 To 10
Step Four: Now Get Ready For Death

Step Five: Think Back From Where You’ve Been
Step Six: Just Remember The Love
Step Seven: Take Comfort That Fate Has Decree
Step Eight: Hear The Call of The Dove

Step Nine: Make Haste For The Pain Will Soon Pass
Step Ten: Stay Head Strong Till The End
Step Nine: Follow Faith In The Valley of Death
Step Eight: Let Your Soul Thus Ascend

Step Seven: Walk Knowingly Into The Light
Step Six: Let The Dove Guide The Way
Step Five: Breathe Freely, Your Burdens Erased
Step Four: Be Your Own Protégé

Step Three: Count Again From 10 Down To 1
Step Two: Let Your Silence Hang Loose
Step One: Reawaken The Dawn of Your Life
As Redemption You’ll Reintroduce

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Breanne Katherine

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