– War of Absolution –

War of AbsolutionWar of Absolution

Imagine For a Moment
That We’re Lying On The Shore
The Tide Creating Ambiance
To Wash Away The War

The Ravens High Above Us
Seem To Revel at The Plight
As Clouds Among Cerulean Skies
Bruise Darkness at The Sight

Slowly Drops Begin To Fall
To Patter Armored Steel
To Cleanse Away This Crimson Death
This Devil’s Unjust Deal

The Crack of Lightning Overhead
Both Treacherous and Strong
Could Make a Man Deny Thy Gods
‘That Warfare Isn’t Wrong’

The Bodies all Around Us
Stain The Clover of Our Luck
As The Last Bolt of the Era
Aimed To Kill That Which It Struck

The Center of My Being
The Very Bondage of My Name
The Vessel of This Kindred Soul
This Dragon Heart I Claim

Slowly Moonlight Caters Thee
To Visions of a Dream
A Time When Peace Was In The Breeze
And Honor Was The Theme

Will-o’-The-Wisps Will Light The Way
As Amber Oils Weep
Medieval Rouge of Chivalry
As Souls Slide Into Sleep

Now Think of What Has Led Us Here
My Knight In Brutal Fare
Go With Me Now Beyond The Void
You’re Free From This Nightmare

Breathe Easily The Lives You’ve Claimed
In Fate To Die Alone
For Judgment Lies Not Far Away
And Everyone Must Atone

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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