– Until Then… –

Until Then

Until Then…

Each Day – Every Day
One by One
The Days are Notched Always In History
From Seconds To Minutes
From Days Then To Weeks
The Years Will Unravel Their Mystery

Maybe The End Is More Close Than We Think
When The Sun and The Moon Fight To Clash
Maybe We’ll Perish Before We Can Learn
That Our Efforts Were Doomed To Be Ash

Until Then We Know That Each Day We Survive
Is Another We’ve Conquered Together
Until Then We Know That When That Day Comes
We’ll Be Ready For Inclement Weather

Appreciate The Moment
Each Solitary Second
And Breathe In The Beauty of Life
Circle Your Surroundings
Cherish all That You See
The Children – Your Husband or Wife

Yet Maybe The End Isn’t Ours To Embrace
But Millennium Far Off and Away
Maybe Destruction Won’t Happen at All
Like a Nightmare That’s Curtained In Gray

Until Then We Know That The Earth Is Contingent
For Nature Could Issue Its Fury
Until Then We Know Where Our Faults Need Improved
Else It’s Homicide With Us as The Jury

Appreciate The Love
And Swallow The Hate
Banish The Fear and The Doubt
Keep Memories Safe
And Garner Your Strength
Be Ready Within and Without

Maybe The Earth Could Fall Free From Its Grip
And Then Plunge Our Whole World Into Black
Maybe The Cold Will Then Creep In Our Bones
Will We Turn On Ourselves and Attack?

Until Then We Know That We’re Safe In Our Homes
Till The Riots are Issued To Slaughter
Until Then We Know That We’ll Fight For The Truth
Come What May – Be It Hell or High Water

Appreciate Yourself
And The Life That You Lead
Put Your Heart and Your Soul On The Line
Honor Your Morals
And Be Whom You’re Meant
Have Belief In Life’s Sacred Design

Maybe It Isn’t The End That We Think
But a ‘Passing’ To Start Somewhere New
Maybe Forsaken Although We May Be
The ‘Next Life’ Could Then Be Our Debut

Until Then We’ll Wander and Drift On Through Time
While The Blessings We’ll Count and Adore
Until Then We’ll Cherish Each Breath We’re Allowed
As ‘The End’ Tests Our Faith Ever More

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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