– Try Again –

Try AgainTry Again

If at First You Don’t Succeed
Then Try, and Try, and Try Again
Believe In Every Effort
Don’t Look Back and Don’t Ask When

Your Time Will Come, You’ll Live That Day
Cuz’ This? – This Isn’t Over…
Strive To ‘Be’ and You Will ‘Become’
You’ll Find That Four-Leaf Clover

You Could Get Hurt, You May Get Lost
You Might Get Pushed Aside
Yet That’s Your Chance To Shine The Most
You Cannot Run and Hide

The Strength You’ll Need Isn’t Found In Me
Nor In Anything That You May Do
It Isn’t In Him, Nor In Her, Nor In Them
It Is Only To Be Found Within You

Try Yet Again – Don’t Give Up On Yourself
No Matter How Hard or Ironic
The Progress You’ve Made & The Steps You Did Take
Are Amazing and Will Prove Iconic

So Pump It Up and Buckle In
Enjoy This Scenic Ride
Trust and Motivation
In Your Heart, They Do Reside

Brush Off Your Shoulders
Dust Off Your Knees
Test all The Waters
Withstand Every Breeze

Give Your Life Purpose
Your Eyes On The Prize
Try Yet Again
Always Reach For The Skies

Have Faith In Your Goals
They Will Steadily Grow

– Do Not Give Up Hope –

Now Off With You – Go!

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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