– Trick or Treat –

Trick or TreatTrick or Treat

Giggle Laden Sidewalks
Lit With Eerie Static Glow
Dampen Slowly by The Autumn Leaves
While Darkness Steals The Show

As Little Devils In Disguise
Come Out To Play On This Cold Night
Made Unaware of Creepy Crawlies
Lurking Near To Stir Their Fright

Amidst The Shadows Opened Wide
On Hallows Eve From Nether Realm
Deign Hellish Creatures With Their Sharpened
Claws and Teeth Which Overwhelm

Crossing Yonder Satan’s Gate
They Wreak Their Havoc For a Time
A Single Night When Sin and Dogma
Cuffs The Lead – Commits The Crime

They Scanter To and Fro
Then Snatch Young Sweets From Round The Bend
Prowling, Hunting Outside Homes
They Growl & Scream To Scare & Offend

The Wild Banshees With Loud Awful Wailing
And Goblins With Sharpened-Off Spears
The Witches With Their Wicked Made Brews
And Jack-o-Lantern Jeers

The Werewolves With Their Moon So Full
And Vampires Dripping Blood
Baleful Ghosts With Bones of Dust
And Zombies Crust In Mud

The Mummies Wrapped In Silent Death
As Monsters Eyes Gleam Red
They Roam and Prey On Living Souls
To Wallow Along With The Dead

Lo’ Superstition Rips Hold o’ The Reigns
As Old Wives Tales and Follies Send Shivers
Their Evil Black Magic and Risky
Rendition of Blight On The Night Soon Delivers

A Dark Scourge Unleashed With Affliction Widespread
As Its Rampage Runs Loose On The Street
All The Naysayer’s – Even Believers This Night
Will Be Asking …

Thy Trick or Thy Treat?!?

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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