– To Whom It May Concern –

To Whom It May ConcernTo Whom It May Concern


I Hope You’re Doing Well
I Hope You’re Feeling Grateful
With That Mansion
Whence You Dwell

I Hope Your Night Is Pleasant
And I Hope Your Day Is Fine
I Hope You’re Feeling Safe
And Maybe Sipping On Some Wine

I Hope Your Families Healthy
And You Live a Hearty Life
Free From Turmoil and Depression
Also Illness, Harm, and Strife

I’m Here Today Because of Course
I’d Like a Chance To Speak
On Behalf of all The Citizens
Made Both Powerless and Weak

The Ones You Merely Pity
As They Die From Being Poor
Whilst You Turn Away Their Hunger
As They Knock Upon Your Door

The Ones You’d Call a ‘Friend’
When We all Know Without a Doubt
Your Only Friend Was Always You
Dear Me, I’d Say Your Secret’s Out

The Truth Is Hard To Swallow
By Someone Who Spits Such Lies
By a Person So Close-Minded
They Can’t Hear Our Feeble Cries

Or Yet You Choose Just Not To Listen
As Your Ignorance Is Known
Or Yet You Choose Just Not To Answer
As Your Cowardice Is Shown

And I’ll Assume You’ll Laugh This Off
Since That’s Your Way To Feel Alright
About The Guilt Which You Deserve
Because You Gave Up On This Fight

You Left The Ones Who Need You Most
For Excess Dollar Signs and Gain
Without First Thinking That The Outcome
Of Your Actions Would Cause Pain

I’d Like To Take Away Your Wealth,
Your Fancy House, and Shiny Clothes
Then Give Them Willingly To Those In Need
And Cure Them of Their Woes

I’d Like To Stand You Side by Side
Akin To all Women and Men
Then Take Away all But The Breath We Breathe
And Ask For all Differences Then

I’d Like To Make You Notice
Make You Understand and Hear
That Your Choices Have Been Fatal
Burning Scars Year After Year

I’d Like To Shake Your Shoulders
Not Your Hand, I Will Not Bow
I Will Not Have Respect
Since You Should Know We Need Change Now

Do You Not See We’re Falling Deeper
Into Debts We Can’t Repay?
Yet You Choose To Live a Life
Made More Corrupt Each Passing Day

So Just Forget This Conversation
As I’m Sure You’ve Done by Now
Since It Doesn’t Seem Important
Or Affect You Anyhow…

Enjoy Your Four-Course Meal
And all The Comforts of Your Day
But Just Remember all The Karma
That You’ll One Day Have To Pay

We Hope That Justice – You Shall Meet
Upon Your Lonely, Bitter End
Because You Chose To Turn Away…

All Due Concern,

Another ‘Friend’

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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