– To Miss a Muse –

To Miss a MuseTo Miss a Muse

I Gather My Head and Shake all My Thoughts
Yet Still It Is Not To Be Found
I Look Through The Holes and ‘Round Yonder Bend
And Practically Sniff at The Ground

I Peek Through The Cracks and Climb Through The Walls
And Check Just ‘Bout Each and all Rooms
I Tap On The Floorboards, Dig at The Earth
And Even Test all The Perfumes

I Knock On The Hollows Till My Knuckles Run Red
And I Yell at The Tip of My Voice
I Lift With My Knees as I Check From Behind
As I Brace To First Heave and Then Hoist

I Kick at The Rocks and Commune With The Birds
But I Simply Cannot Bring It Forth
I Turn ‘Round In Circles and Squint With My Eyes
To The Brink of The South Then Far North

I Burrow Through Wreckage and Sift Through Debris
Casting Off Imitation and Ruse
I Examine The Finery and Pick at The Pleas
But To Settle For Less, I Refuse

I Tear at The Fabric and Browse Through The Lot
I Rip at The Seams Till I’m Out of Earshot
I Swim Through Confetti and Jump Through The Hoops
I Hop On One Leg and Align Things In Groups

I Frantically Scanter and Blink In Succession
I’ll Find It, I Must – It Is MY Sole Possession
I’ll Check Under Carpets, In Shadows, Up High
I Will Check Where I’ve Checked and Continue To Try

I Will Savor and Sample Each First and Each Last
I Will Ponder and Practice and Note The Forecast
I Shall Worry & Wrestle The Fact That It’s Gone
I Shall Hope and Have Faith That It Won’t Be Gone Long

I Must Ready My Willpower and Open The Sails
I Will Loosen My Leash So To Ride On The Rails
I Must Balance The Waves as I Check Just Once More
I Will Coax It by Asking, Then Slowly Allure

I Must Hunt and Be Swift as I Prowl For The Peace
I Will Scour The Seas Till My Luck Doth Increase
I Will Find It, I Will – Failure Is No Excuse
I Will Do What I Must – I Will Find My Lost Muse

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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