– To Attest The Sands of Time –

To Attest The Sands of TimeTo Attest The Sands of Time

We Do Not Know When
Nor Where, Why or How
Just Living Each Moment
Is all We Know Now.

Death Claims Us All…
Vice Grip Fear – Cast In Doubt
We Struggle Towards Eternal Youth
Yet Time Is Always Running Out.

Silence Seems The Only Cure
For Lives of Risk, Pain, Greed & Sex
How Will They Know We Once Did Exist,
Before We Pass From This World To The Next?

In Holding Faith…
Though Uncertain and Meek
I’ll Believe In a Timeless Reprieve,
For The Purpose of What We Seek.

Don’t Live In Fear, Nor Sin, Nor Hate
Bound Your Love To This Earth
So The Ones Who Come Hence Our Demise
May Inherit Its Ageless Worth.

These Heartbeats are Numbered…
Governed by Fate
Take Heed With That Which Means The Most
For any Moment Could Be Too Late.

© CC License
Breanne Katherine


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