– Through Thine Eyes –

Through Thine EyesThrough Thine Eyes

Through Eyes Divine That Seek Serenity
I Find I am Not Alone
They Beckon Thee by Civil Scope…
Though United We Stand On Our Own.

They Seek The Truth So Far Away
Always ‘Not Quite’ Out of Reach
An Ephemeral Upon The Horizon
As Chaos Commences To Breach.

Through Thine Eyes Both Lost and Found
Laid Buoyant Upon The Sea
Thy Lips Do Tremble as Hands Doth Grasp
Coalesce a Silent Plea.

They’ve Made a Wish On Every Coin
Each Candle and Shooting Star
Undying Faith In What We Do
Defines Just Who We Are.

Through Eyes That Kindle and Harbor Much Pain
As They Dance, an Open Flame
Thy Passion and Protection
Prove Laborious To Tame.

They Offer a Chance To Pierce The Soul
Though Fleeting and Well Aware
A Suit of Armor Thus Made of Muse
You Will Find I am Medium Rare.

Through Thine Eyes That Look Beyond
The Bias of Others Confined
They Ache For Those Who’ve Lost Their Way
A Brand Upon The Mind.

They Live, and Learn, and Choose To Commit
Devote Themselves For Good
All They Ask Is The Will To Hope
– The Chance To Be Understood –

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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