– This One Goes Out –

This One Goes OutThis One Goes Out

This One Goes Out To all Who Feel Worthy
Of Crowning Themselves ‘The Judge’
To Everyone Bold Who Can Talk a Mean Talk
With The Haughty Air of a Grudge

It’s Meant For Those People Who Smile In Triumph
At Dominating Out of Despair
To Those Who Can Live With Black Hate In Their Heart
For Ultimately They Do. Not. Care.

This One Calls Out To all of The People
Who Needlessly Squander and Take
To all of Those Out There Who ‘Cater’ To Others
Just To Label Them Later as Fake

For Those Who Can Rummage In all The Wrong Corners
Despite The Integrity of Others
For Those Who Bend Knee To all The Injustice
While Their Innocence Burns and Smothers

This One Is Written With The Amount of Respect
That a Prisoner Might Have For Their Sentence
To all Who So Choose To Negate The Truth
Who Deny Their Own Repentance

To all of Them Out There Who Promise Equality
Though Hypocrisy Is Their Game
To all Who Insist That Money Means Power
“Those Without Should Be Wrought In Shame”

This One Is Meant To Shed Light In Dark Places
As Everyone Should Be Aware
That Those Who Make ‘Claims’ are Not as They Seem
And Our Standards For Freedom Aren’t Fair

This Belongs To The People Who Fight For Control
Through Means of Deceit and Destruction
Also To Those Who Belittle Themselves
Compensation In Terms of Seduction

This Is Sent Via Direct From Me To all Them
In a Single Lane Targeted Commute
Just So We’re Clear, and In Case They Forget –
Here’s My Middle Finger Salute

© CC License
Breanne Katherine


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