– The End –

The EndThe End

In The Beginning We Didn’t Know Why
What or Where That It Was We Were Going
All That We Knew Was That Yes, You Were There
So To Help Us Begin To Start Growing.

We Believed In Your Cause Through Each Epoch of Life
As The Ages of Time Washed Through Years
Now Look Where We Are, and How Far We Have Come
Will You Wash This Away With Our Tears?

Do You Think You Could Help Us To Try and Understand
Why You Wish To Inflict So Much Pain
Can’t You Just Tell Us So Maybe We’ll Learn
We Could Change If You’d Only Explain.

We’re Fighting Each Other and Raping The Earth
But We Are Not One and The Same
A lot of Us Hurt and We Beg For Forgiving
It Is Us, all In all – We’re To Blame.

Yet We Don’t Understand and We Reach For Your Help
For We Promise We Can’t Let You Down
We Fight For Your Love, Your Acceptance, Your Trust
Please We Beg of You, Don’t Let Us Drown.

You Gave Us So Much and For What In Return
Each Life, Every Beautiful Thing
How Could You Do This; We Know We Were Wrong
But We’re Learning That Love – We Will Bring.

Please Answer Me This; Do You Know What This Means
The Animosity & Resentment We Share
That You Would Let Go – Like Never It Was
Can You Really Not Say You Don’t Care?

We’ll Do What It Takes, Genuflect To Your Word
If You Give Us a Chance and Please Wait
We Will Prove That We Can, In Your Council We’ll Trust
We Beg of You – Don’t Say It’s Too Late.

So It Took Us Some Time Just To Get To This Point
We Now Realize Every Mistake
Our World Is So Precious & So Are Our Lives
So Improvement – We’ll Strive That We Make.

Whomever You Are & Wherever You Stay
We Believe There Is More Than Just This
There Has To Be Somehow – Someone or Something
That Enabled Creation To Exist.

We Need You Forever, For Always, For Good
Please Don’t Think We Have all Lost Our Way
The Ones Who Believe and Who Wish For The Best
Are The Ones Who Implore That We Stay

Whatever Your Reason, Whatever The Cause
We Sure Hope That You Know What You’re Doing
To Ruin Our Progress – Extinguish Our Names
Was The Downfall of Man Our Undoing?

Are You Listening To Us, Do You Know How We Feel
Like Betrayed and Forgotten Taboo
We Want This To Work, To Be all That You Want
If You’re Out There – We’re Speaking To You.

Please Show Us The Way, Don’t Give Up On Us Now
We Could Do This – We Just Need Some Time
Believe In Us, Please! As We Do In You
To The Top of Your Heart We Could Climb.

For Us Individuals, Our Time Is But Now
We’ve Only Just Got Here – Begun
We Could all Come Together and Be as It Should
If You’d Only Please Say We’re Not Done.

To Follow This Through and Destroy What We Have
Is a Cost Much To High We Can Bear
To Condemn Us This Fate, Even Those Who Believe
Is Too Harsh and Just Doesn’t Seem Fair.

We Need One More Chance So To Prove To The World
Prove To You, Prove To Life, To Us All
That a Purpose We Serve In The Time That We Have
Till Our Fate Has Us Finally Fall

No Matter Your Choice In The End as We Know
No Matter What’s Right or What’s Wrong
Just Know That This Hurts, and We Please Ask You Why
Then We’ll Leave With Our Hearts Beating Strong

We Do Have Potential, We Have What It Takes
Every Corner of Earth We Could Mend
But We Need Your Approval, Your Blessing Divine
So We Beg You Do Not

– Just Please If You Could –

You Simply Can’t Say It’s The End

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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