– Take The Lead –

Take The LeadTake The Lead

It’s Moments Like These When I Feel So Alone
Viewing Life Through a Different Dimension
Its Shadows and Torments Have Made Me Undone
While The Truth – I Forgot To Mention…

I’ve Watched From Afar as Your Love
Paved The Way – For a Life Full of Passion and Zest
All The While My Cobbled and Clumsy Misfortune
Held Hostage My Hopeful Behest

I Seethe With The Pain at Feeling Unjust
As My Pride Tries To Handle Each Fail
Then Just as I Start To Feel Whole Once Again
Life Proves Hope Is Just – To No Avail

I Now Find Myself Frantic at Losing
What Chances I Had – Till I Let Slip Away…
The Pleasure of Love From The Highest of Heights
If I’d Only Get Out of My Way

So For Now I Shall Ponder My Morals, My Worry
My Jealousy – All of My Fears
I Shall Brew In My Hatred, My Envy, My Greed
Till My Soul, all at Once, Disappears

I Shall Then Carry On With The Same Old Existence
The Same Thought of Feeling Confined
The Same Plea of Mercy, The Same Cry For Help
The Same Torture of Feeling Behind

Maybe One Day When The Sun Is Aligned
With The Moon, and The Stars Fall On Me
I Will Finally Know How It Feels To Be One
With The Life That Could Possibly Be…

The Life That Is Fleeting and Skirting On Edge
For Its Master To Call Out Demands
The Life That Is Ready To Shine and Fly Free
If You Grab For Its Horns With Both Hands

The Life That Is Waiting In a Capable Mind
For The Owner To Hand Them The Deed
The Life That Is Willing To Give Out a Tour
If You’ll Own Up and Take Your Own Lead

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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