– Take It or Leave It –

Take It or Leave ItTake It or Leave It

Look Me In The Eyes and Let Me Know I Have Your Heart
Grab Me by The Thighs and Show Me How You Play Your Part
Tell Me That You’re Hungry For a Full Course Meal Tonight
I’ll Serve It Hot and Fresh Then Make Dessert So Extra Tight

Take It Nice & Slow – We’ll Have The Whole World Set On Pause
Make Me Clench Not Just My Toes and Bring Out all Ten Claws
Let Me Kiss Along Your Neck and Nibble On Each Ear
Let Me Grab That Glove So I Can Work That Piece of Gear

Look Me Up and Down and Let Me Know I’m What You Need
Statuesque of What You Want – Vice Versa Is Agreed
Place Your Hands Upon My Hips; Explore Each Single Inch
Place a Kiss Upon My Lips, I Promise Not To Flinch

Take It Somewhat Faster Now I’ll Let You Stalk Your Prey
Devour It With Ecstasy I’m Willing To Obey
Lay Me Down Atop The Bed, The Ground, Hell Anywhere
Take Me When You Want Me There Is No Time To Prepare

The Strength of Your Libido Surely Has Me On My Knees
This Tongue of Mine Has Many Tricks and Loves To Be a Tease
As You Stretch Inside of Me You Just Might Hear Me Purr
I’ll Moan Into Your Ear and Do It all as You’d Prefer

Let’s Stimulate The Loins as They are Meant To Feel So Free
Exhilarate This Feeling at The Highest Possible Degree
This Titillating Movement of The Skin Against Bare Skin
Has Me Lost On This Fixation as It Grows From Deep Within

This Drug of Mine That Calls My Name, This Aphrodisiac
Is You My Love, Thy Sexy Beast, For You I Lunge Attack
The Way I Treat a Man Is Just So Simply ‘Oh So Right’
I’ll Go all Day all Over You and Trust Me I Won’t Bite

Unless of Course You’re Into That and Like To Make Things Hot
I’ll Make Your Fire Smolder as My Lips Shall Mark The Spot
Teach Me How You’d Love To Stroke My Every Line and Curve
The Back, The Breast, The Butt-er-Fly On High With Every Nerve

Seduce Me With The Scent of Your Attraction Burning Strong
Ravish Me With Passion as Your Love Could Do No Wrong
Allure Me With Your Manhood as I’d Reckon It’s The Best
You’re Irresistible You Know, and I Shall Put You To The Test

Show Me What You’re Made of Baby Make Me Feel Alive
Thrust With all Your Power Baby Take Me For a Drive
I’ll Dominate The Tools You Have; The Hammer, Nail & Screw
Make Me Feel Beyond Myself and Set Me all Askew

Yield To This Temptation – This Addiction of The Flesh
I’ll Have You Feeling Powerful, Appeased and So Refreshed
Lascivious by Nature I’ll Be Waiting On all Fours
Come Have Me If You Want Me; I Want You & I’m all Yours

Take It or Leave This Insatiable Craving I Yearn To Have Here by My Side
Sensation of Such Is Experienced Skill – Forthwith I Would Like To Provide
This Hot-Blooded Woman, One Chance You Shall Have
So Be Sure That You Make It Complete

Make Me Say “Yes, I Believe You I Do” and Then Show
Can You Handle The Heat?

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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