– Sweet Temptation –

Sweet TemptationSweet Temptation

Thy Sweet Temptation Lingers
Like The Scent of Springtime Air
It Frolics all Around Thee
Singing Praise Without a Care

A Tender Kiss Thus Laid Upon
The Skin For Admiration
Travels On To Sights Unseen
Unraveling Innovation

Its Borderline Edged Tightly
Between Duty and Desire
The Call of Sanguine Whispers
Makes an Oath To Take Thee Higher

To Yield Is To Allow It
As It Owns Thy Expectation
To Barter With Thy Conscience
Send Thee Reeling With Elation

It Dances On Its Tip-Toes
As It Yearns For Your Embrace
It Idles For Attention
Gearing Up To Give a Chase

Though Other Means Thus Tempting
Leave Thee Craved In Desperation
Far Away – It Seems So Close
You’re Left In Isolation

Thy Temptation Is Enticing
Sweet Escape From Average Hell
Giving In Is To Surrender
And Be Swept Under Its Spell

Work Hard and Thy Shall Grasp It
Unrelenting Dedication
Focus On Its Glory
Do Not Break Your Concentration

An Honorary Tribute
To The Choices Made In Life
Thy Sweet Temptation Beckons
Like a Double Bladed Knife

Once It Is Upon Thee
Do Not Flounder Hesitation
To Live In Love & Happiness
Is Thy Only Obligation

Give In To Its Alluring
And You’ll Surely Fly Away
Get Caught Amongst The Clouds
Then Spend Forever In The Fray

For Some It’s Truly Needed
Inner Peace and Liberation
Abandon Thoughts of Worry
Reap Rewards of Motivation

Though Others Merely Want It
Sweet Addiction Made of Mercy
Abandoned Independence
To Rely On Thus Shall Curse Thee

Though all In all It Is But That
Unwavering Inspiration
A Fleeting Moment Lived In Time
Proverbial Fascination


© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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