– Square One –

Square OneSquare One

Damn This Feeling Sickens Me
The One Where Truth Is Lost
The One Where Happiness Is Torn
And Hopefulness Is Tossed

The Feeling Where You Want To Scream
And Cut Your Heart In Two
For That Is What You Wish of Me
To Ever Feel True To You

That You Would Hold a Piece of Me
My Breath, My Soul, My Being
So You Can Say That I am Yours
And Keep My Heart From Fleeing

But Hear Me Now and Hear Me Well
Since This Cannot Go On
If You Won’t Learn To Trust In Me
Then by Tomorrow I’ll Be Gone…

Damn This Feeling Tortures Me
The One That Burns Your Mind
The One That Seeks To Claim Your Soul
When Love Is Hard To Find

The One That Makes You Crave an End
To Everything Gone Wrong
The One That Threatens The Life You Lead
And Questions If You Belong

I Know I’ve Done You Wrong Before
In Ways I Dare Not Say
Yet Not a Single Day Goes By
Without Pangs of Guilt In The Way

Just Know That From My Deepest Depths
Where The Blood Doth Boils My Core
I Give Myself To You In Hopes
You’ll Forgive Me Just Once More…

Damn This Feeling Haunts My Soul
And Probably Always Will
Until The Day You Realize
My Heart Beats Next To Yours, Still

The Feeling That You Can’t Escape
No Matter Where You Turn
The One That Makes You Understand
That Trust: You Have To Earn

We’ve Done Each Other Dirty Now
At Varying Lengths No Matter
Yet Still I Choose To Fight For ‘Us’
Else all Our Dreams Will Shatter

I Care For You Way More Than Myself
Curse Luck For Making It Late
Maybe If I’d Have Thought of That Sooner
I Wouldn’t Be Fueling This Hate…

Damn This Feeling Won’t Go Away
I Beg of You, Please Just Relax
I Love You, I Want This, I Hope You Do Too
We Must Silence These Verbal Attacks

I Won’t Give Up Trying To Earn Your Respect
Though Each Quarrel We Both Lose The Fight
We Must Build Upon Trust, We Have Much Yet To Learn
I’ll Be Trying With all of My Might

For I’m Doing My Best To Atone For The Past
And Look Forward To Our Days Ahead
If You’ll Stop Digging Up all The Pain That Was Dealt
Rather, Leave It Behind Us Instead

For I’m Not Going Back I Will Only Move Forward
And I’d Love You To Be by My Side
Not Dragging Me Back To The Darkness We’ve Closed
And The Tears I’ve Done Already Cried…

Damn This Feeling Slowly Kills
Like The Reaper Whom Feels He Has Won
Yet Still I Will Be Here For You Nonetheless
No Matter What Harm Has Been Done

This Feeling I’d Swear On I Knew Everything
Yet I’d Misunderstand all The Rest
This Feeling I’d Fight With My Fists Balled Up Tight
Then I’d Smile at My Own Behest…

For It Doesn’t Make Sense To Feel Low and Uncertain
When Love’s Meant To Fly and To Soar
Yet The Wings of Our Love Have Been Broken and Bruised
As Our Feet Remain Stuck To The Floor

Yet I’ll Say It Again, and Again, and Again
As I Always Explain How I Feel
This Can’t and Won’t Work as We Want It To Be
If We Can’t Stick To Keeping Things ‘Real’

Damn This Feeling Straight To Hell
As Another New Chance Is Begun
Our Thread Is Worn Thin But We’ll Do What It Takes
Starting Over Again at Square One…

Breanne Katherine
© All Rights Reserved

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