– Recycle, Rinse, Repeat –

Recycle, Rinse, RepeatRecycle, Rinse, Repeat

From The Energies of Sunlight
Midst The Rain, The Earth, and Air
We are Gods of Our Creation
As We Birth Another Prayer

Another Day as We Have Sanctioned
Adding Life From Every Death
Turning Darkness Into Light
As Into Life We Breathe New Breath

Declared Thy Bloodline as Our Legacy
Our Stake Upon This Land
Our History Made Impact
Time and Change Thus Dealt Its Hand

As We Sow The Seeds of Solemn Sin
And Swear Ourselves a Saint
We Shall Live or Doth Exist
As Life and Death Shall Reacquaint

And Once The Ticking of The Clock
Has all But Chimed For Its One Friend
It Shall Notify The Shadows
That Its Time Has Reached The End

Alas Our Energies Expended
Through Our Borrowed Form Return
Again To Ash From Whence It Came
While Each New Cycle Takes Its Turn

The Spirit of Our Soul
Thus Bids Adieu To Vesseled Life
From Which Belief Has Taught Us Hope
In That Existence Taught Us Strife

And Thus Our Journey Whilst Go On
Through all The Voids and all The Rifts
Back Through Cosmos and Through Chaos
Full of Bends and Made of Shifts

Beyond The Burning of the Stardust
And The Ice of Darkness Vast
Through Oblivion and Yonder
Rousing Future With The Past

Upon a Chance of Grand Dimension
In a Place Both Near and Far
We are Whisked Upon by Credence
To Conceive a Brand New Star

As Out of Old We Make Anew
As Circled Balance Is Complete
And Out of Time We Cycle Change
Forsooth – Recycle, Rinse, Repeat

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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