– Prediction –


As a Window To The Soul Through Means Released by Idle Minds
You’ve Forgotten What You’re There For Thinking Set On Other Kinds
With This You See You Must In Debt Your Heart Amongst This Plight
Thus Bate Your Breath and Garner Truth To Conjure and Ignite

As Envy Washed With Worry Set Condemned To Break The Soul
You’ve Forgotten Reason Just Within The Brink Which You Control
With This You See You Must Include Your Honor Tightly Wrapped
Grab Hold The Whip and Crack The Skull of Thoughts Made Crudely Trapped

As a Spirit Made of Jade That Hails Such Wicked Worthy Cues
You Remember How It Feels In Being Forced To Quickly Choose
With This You See You Must Be Sure If Hardly This Is Worth It
Harness Faith and Dig In Deep So You May Well Unearth It

As a Damsel In Distress Whom On a Whim Can Shatter Bones
You Remember How It Feels To Be The One Who Threw The Stones
With This You See You Must Forgive The Core Thus Turned To Rot
Then Carry Forth Respect – To Value all Is Not Forgot

As a Gypsy With Her Scarf Pulled Halfway Down Between Her Thighs
You Know Just What It Means To Try Faux Pas Each On For Size
With This You See You Must Endow Your Feelings Fit To Burn
Thus Cherish Life and What It Brings Since all of Which You Earn

A Bartered Persona That Brims ‘Unique’ You Know Just What You Want
You Know This Course of Action Is Prioritized Right Up Front
With This You See You Must Set Sail For Shores Nicknamed ‘Prediction’
Then Gear Your Mind To Perpetrate The Efficacy of Conviction

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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