– Past; Present – Future –

Past; Present - FuturePast; Present – Future

Memories Both Sweet & Sour Cornerstone The Past
Their Legacy Lives Internally
For Nothing Truly Lasts
That Is of Course Besides Time Itself
Which Will Always Remain To Stay
To Witness The Rise of all New Things
As Well as Their Final Dismay.

Moments Lived are Moments Gone
And Never Seen Again
Though Gone at Present, The Past They Dwell
Times of Way Back When…
There They Thrive In Retrospect
To Feed Off Analytics
Absolve Regret In Final Forgiving
As We, Ourselves, are Critics.



The Present Blends In Swirls & Shades
A Network of Cause and Effect
Candid Chance Befriends This Phase
So To Live Is What To Expect
Before It’s Gone, It’s Now – Now Then
Invaluable and Elusive
The Choice To Live & Feel Each Day
Has Always Remained Exclusive.

Most Worthy Things Give Time New Meaning
To Rectify an Offset Balance
To Rise Above Discrimination
And Pass Each Test of Valiance
Surrounding Time In Time Eternal
Right Here – Gone Then – Just Now
Works Best If Free From Most Restraints
Accept Where, Why, When, How.



The Future Is a Guessing Game
Erratic and Subject To Change
Malleable Defines Its Composition
For It’s Liable To Rearrange
In Reverie Is Where We’ll Find
The Beauty of Our Visions
Intuition Shall Be Our Guide
When Torn Between Decisions.

Before We Question The Path We Walk
Think Back From Whence We Came
Then Dream of Where We’ll Find Ourselves
Upon Our Future Claim
Walk Boldly Forth With Faith In Hand
For None May Never Know
The Power of Our Passion
Which Will One Day Overflow.


© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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