– Pass It On –

Pass It OnPass It On

You’ve Fought To Win
You’ve Paid The Price
You’ve Dealt The Deck
And Rolled The Dice

You’ve Played For Keeps
But Shared The Bounty
Then Made It Known
In Every County

That You Were Here
And You’ve Worked Hard
You’ve Paid Your Dues
And Kept Your Guard

You’ve Learned To Live
And Lived To Learn
Stepped Up To Bat
And Took Your Turn

On Dark Intrusion
You’ve Shed Your Light
You’ve Got It Done
And You’ve Done It Right

You’ve Been The One
Who Knows What’s Best
For You Alone
Discard The Rest

Your Plight Was Long
The Journey You Had
Though It’s Not Over Yet
No Need To Feel Sad

You Can Take What You Know
And Pass It On Down
Invoke a New Smile
From Each Saddened Frown

Encourage The Next
To Be all They Can Be
To Apply Themselves Truthful
Thus Set Themselves Free

You Could Do It Again
As You’ve Done It Before
If You’re True To Your Heart
You Can Watch Yourself Soar

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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