– Our Elder Generation –

Our Elder Generation

Our Elder Generation

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Then Days Upon Months Into Years
Our Pioneers of Strength and Love
Bear a Wisdom Made Noble by Peers

Our Elder Generation
Are The Kings and Queens of Time
Having Lived The Rise and Fall
Of Their Predestined Paradigm

Most Tend To Know and Understand
What’s Right and What Is Best
Since Most Would Have That Knack
For Living Strong and Being Blessed

Yet Some are Not So Lucky Having Lived
Through So Much Pain
In Which Is Met With Mournful Grief
The Day Fate Doth Break The Chain

Yet Nonetheless They’re With Us Now
Until The Very End of Time
They’ll Stay Within Our Lives, Within
Our Hearts and In Our Minds

And Even Those With Vision Blurred
And Thinking Grown Awry
And Even Those With Hearing Hazed
And Senses Misapplied

Most all of Them, They Cherish
Every Memory Ever Made
And Even Those Whom Gently Wonder
As Their Memory Slowly Fades

They’re The Ones With Hearts of Stone
So Strong It Would Render Them Weak
Living To Such an Admirable Age
Searching Eyes as a Portal To Speak

Beyond Their Physical Binds There Lies a
Mind That Yet Harbors So Much
Happiness, Pain, Love – and Yet, It’s a
Memoir That No One Can Touch

To Delve Inside Their Experienced Soul
You’ll Come Across Many a Thing
You’d Unravel Time To a Place When Life,
Like Yours, Had Once Been In Full Swing

All The Memories of Places Seen
And People Who Came and Went
Chronicles of all The Feelings Burned
And Emotions That Had Been Well Spent

Their Autobiography of Sainthood & Sins
Now Rests In The Hands of Their Care
As Those Who Follow Behind Them
Reassure They Shall Always Be There

And as Their Narrative Gets Longer
While Their Days, In Time, Get Shorter
We Remind Them, Out of Love, That
They Have Many a Supporter

So Once They Turn That Final Page
And Close The Binding On Their Laughter
Let Us Hope They Know Their Soul Lives On
Through Time Forever After

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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