– One Act of Kindness –

One Act of Kindness

One Act of Kindness

A Young Woman Moseyed Her Way On Through Town
As She Passed a Café She’s Never Been
She’s Passed It Before, a Thousand Times or More
But This Time She Decided To Go In

She Sat On Red Vinyl and Ordered a Coffee
Then Panned The Contents of The Room
All at Once She Took Note of The Old Man In Suede
As He Stopped In Deep Thought Then Resumed

He Noticed Her Presence and Stood To His Feet
As He Walked With a Limp To Her Booth
His Face Was Decrepit Yet Still Held a Smile
As He Noticed The State of Her Youth

Her Eyes Were Sunk In and Inaudibly Filled
With a Pain She Had Long Pushed Aside
They Spoke To This Man Without Saying a Word
And They Told of The Fear That She Hides

The Old Man Just Grunted, a Guttural Sound
As He Looked In Those Eyes Made of Stone
She Grew Apprehensive Yet Felt No Alarm
As She Somehow Now Felt Less Alone

He Sat In The Booth and Then Smiled Real Big
With His Teeth That Have Seen Better Days
Then He Wagged His Old Finger and Said With a Croak
“Don’t You Know There are Much Better Ways?”

The Old Man Then Said, “If You Must Dream, Dream Grand
So That No One Can Tarnish It’s Gleam”
She Looked at Him, Smiled, and Nodded Her Head
As He Passed Her The Last of The Cream

Though It Wasn’t The Cream For Her Coffee She Got
When She Pulled Her Hand Free From His Touch
Now Eyes Soft With Tears at The Cash In Her Hand
She Feebly Croaked “No, That’s Too Much!”

The Old Man Just Winked and Then Hobbled Away
Out The Door Into Free-Falling Snow
While The Young Woman Gazed at Him
Struck With Such Awe at This Man Whom She Barely Did Know

Energized Now by This Act of Goodwill
She Paid For Her Coffee and Left
To Look For This Man Who Had No Way of Knowing
Her Joy Was Since Stolen by Theft…

‘Bout a Month Ago Now She’d Been Robbed
And Abused by Her Husband, Now Facing Divorce
All The While Her Dreams To Be a Success
Were On Hold For The Baby On Course

Now Broke and Alone, and a Mother-To-Be
She Had Nothing and No One To Care
That Is But of Course, The Old Man She Just Met
Whom So Graciously Chose That He’d Share

She Wanted To Find Him, To Offer It Back
Or at Least To Express Gratitude
Though He Seemed To Be Gone Despite How Hard She Looked
And It Completely Switched Up Her Whole Mood

A Smile Uplifted The Corner of Her Lips
And a Twinkle Injected Her Eye
Her Burden Felt Light as She Gazed
At The Wad of Sir Franklins She Held To The Sky

When Suddenly a Burst of Cold Air Hit Her Face
As a Newspaper Caught On Her Shoe
She Bent Down To Grab It and Throw It Away
When an Article Centered Her View

The Old Man She Sought, Now In Ink In Her Hands
Was a Victim of Malignant Cancer
She Couldn’t Understand Why He Gave Her The Money
That May Just Be His Only Answer…

The Newspaper Ad Was a Drive For His Cause
And She Suddenly Felt a Bit Sick
Was She Dreaming This Up? Was She Even Awake?
Was Her Mind Cruelly Playing a Trick?

She Hurried Back Home To Her Rundown Apartment
And Made a Great Number of Calls
Trying To Locate The Family of This Man
Whom She Now Knew by Name, Mr. Halls

The Newspaper Ad Was a Week or So Old
So She Couldn’t Just Go Off of That
She Knew That To Find Him She Had To Think Big
So She Called Whom She Could For a Chat

She Asked Many Things and She Spoke of Him Well
Though She Never Did Mention His Deed
She Didn’t Know Whether She Ought To or Not
But Instead She Kept Seeking a Lead

A Week Came and Went Yet She Still Had No Luck
So She Went Back To The Same ole Café
She Asked The Young Waiter Who Served Her Some Tea
Bout The Man Who Was There Last Tuesday

His Ebony Features Slid Down His Long Face
And Then Settled Themselves In a Pout
“That Sweet Guy Is Gone, His Disease
Took His Life”, as a Tear Slid It’s Slippy Way Out

He Walked Back To The Counter as The Young Woman Gaped
And Her Thoughts Madly Swam In Her Mind
He Was Old, Yes of Course, at The Time Seemed So
Healthy and Obviously So Very Kind

When She Left The Café She Was Still Set In Grief
As Reality Settled Like Sand
His Death Was So Quick and His Deed Was So Great
That He Had To of Had It all Planned

He Awaited His Death as He Felt His Life Ebb
And He Chose One Last Act of Great Kindness
He’d No Other Family, Well… None She Could Find
And He Wanted To Make His Deed Timeless

She Looked at His Cash Safely Tucked In Her Purse
And Was Struck With a Feeling of Obligation
His Action Had Moved and Inspired Her So
She Now Felt For Him Such Admiration

No Matter How Difficult Life Seems To Be
Or How Close and Impending Your Death
There Is Always Someone Who Is Rooting For You
From The First To Your Very Last Breath

The Old Man Was Happy The Moment
He Helped Her by Giving Away all That He Had
He Knew at Least One Would Now Think of Him Always
Which Made His Frail Mind More Than Glad

The Woman Took Hold of The Man’s Well-Earned Bills
And She Knew What She Now Had To Do
Although She Was Desperate and Needed The Funds
She Knew Someone Else Needed Them Too

She Decided To Donate The Money She Had
To a Man Who’s New House Had Burnt Down
She Told Him The Story Which Melted His Heart
And Between Them Attraction Was Found

It Blossomed To Romance Which Turned Into Love
And Together They Built a New Home
Then They Opened a Shelter For Homeless and Hungry
Where Laughter and Love Freely Roam

‘Helpful Halls’ They Did Name It, With One Stipulation
That all Who Were There Must Abide
At Some Point In Their Lives They Must Do a Great Deed
With all Ego and Pride Set Aside

They Must ‘Pay It Forward’ and Help Out Another
A Stranger, In One Way or Another
For all Whom We Meet Has a Story To Tell
As We’re all Fellow Sisters and Brothers

The Couple, Now Three, Plus Their Brethren of The Shelter
Never Forgot The Old Man
His Dying Deed Made a Ripple Effect
With The Offer Once Held In His Hand

One Act of Kindness Goes Farther Than Ever
And Can Change The Lives of So Many
Be It Love and Support, or Advice and Ideas
Or With Even a Singular Penny

No Matter How Stressful, or Hopeless, or Mad
No Matter How Gloomy or Gory
We all Have The Will and The Power For Change
And To Make a New Joyful, True Story

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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