– On My Way –

On My WayOn My Way

I’ve Crossed all My Bridges and Cut Off The Ropes
Then I Tied Each Loose End In a Bow
I’ve Said My Goodbyes and I’ve Made Due My Peace
Grab My Keys Now I’m Ready To Go

All I Need Is My iPhone, My Cash, and a Dream
Plus a Handful of Luck Couldn’t Hurt…
Got My Snapbacks and Hoodie, My Ticket To Ride
Plus My Favorite Bob Marley T-Shirt

Now I’ll Roll Down My Windows & Let Loose My Locks
As I Turn To Get On The Freeway
Then I Bust Out My Speakers & Flow With a Beat
Feelin’ Good To Now Be On My Way

Make a Pit-Stop In Georgia Then On Through To Texas
As I Make My Way Further Out West
I’ll Settle In Utah… Perhaps California
Better Yet, Hawaii Would Be Best

Dockin’ Miles With Distance From Those Left Behind
All The Chaos Gone Out of Control
All The Poisonous Hate and The Weight of Wrong Deeds
Like a Werewolf That’s Out For Your Soul

So Instead I’ll Make Due With The Power of Choice
As I Gladly Switch Gears and Re-Route
See Me Spinning My Tires and Waving Farewell
Since I’ve Got My Bags Packed and I’m Out

Soon I’ll Hop On a Ship, Or an Airplane, Or Train
Get So Rowdy I Spill My New Drink
Live My Life With The Breeze as They Call Out My Name
As I Sell The Bartender a *Wink*

Born To Be On My Way as Each Day’s a New Day
For a Dare and a Chance To Collide
Education of Courage – Degree In Strong Willed
With Ambition & Hope by My Side

As I Drive Through The Night On This Endless Crusade
I’ll at Times Reminisce On The Past
All The People I’ve Met and The Places I’ve Seen
All The Laughter and Love I’ve Amassed

Then I’ll Notice My Heartbeat Does Something Quite Strange
As Nostalgia Grabs Hold of My Mind
It Quickens and Slows To The Beat of My Thoughts
Like a Harp String Made Loose Then Re-Twined

Then of Course, Knowing Me… With a Turn of The Wheel
I’ll Continue To Wander and Roam
Yet No Matter How Far I Shall Follow My Feet
I Will ‘One Day’ Be On My Way Home.

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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