– Not Alone –

Not AloneNot Alone

Ever Stop and Wonder
If You’ll Ever Ring Destinies Bell
Ever Get That Sickening Lurch
Like You’re Spiraling Into Hell

Ever Get That Feeling
That You Just Aren’t Good Enough
Ever Feel as Though You’re Stuck
Like a Diamond In The Rough

Ever Want To Hide Away
And Mute Your Voice For Good
Burn Your Ties With Everyone
Keep Thinking That You Should

Ever Get So Damn Fed Up
You’d Be Better On Your Own
Well Think Again Because You’re Wrong
Since You are Not Alone

Many of Us Wonder
If Our Day Will Rightly Come
Many of Us Falter
And Unfortunately Succumb

None of Us are Perfect
If They Think They are – So What
You Could Be as Good as They
If You Get Out of Your Rut

Most of Us Keep Striving
For Our Day of Retribution
You Could Have Yours Too
If You Submit Your Contribution

Have You Ever Actually Considered
You’d Be Better Off Without
All The Controversial Chaos
You Could Pave Your Own Damn Route

Have You Ever Thought That Maybe
Others Empathize With Your Pain
If You Could Only Rid Your Sorrow
Think How Much That You Could Gain

Have You Ever Actually Admired
Just How Much Your Life Is Worth
Give Yourself Some Credit
While You Have Time Left On Earth

Warm To The Occasion
Don’t Be Cold and Hard as Stone
There Is Always Someone Out There
Don’t For Once Think You’re Alone

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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