– No Matter What –

No Matter What

It’s Crashing Down
It’s Using Force
It’s Breaking In
With No Remorse

It’s Pulling Hard
It’s Pushing Through
It Tears You Up
You’re Torn In Two

It’s Clawing Fierce
It’s Scratching Deep
It’s Screaming Mad
The Climb Is Steep

Now Make It Stop
Just Cut It Out
And Shake It Off
No Need To Shout

Just Rise Above
And Give It a Toss
Now Let It Loose
And Be The Boss

Keep Valor Close
With all You’ve Got
And Do Not Say
That You Cannot

Piece It Together
And Pull It In Front
Say What You Mean
And Know What You Want

Tell It To Leave
It Shall Poison No More
Tell It You’re Golden
Then Show It The Door

Tell It You’ve Risen
To Heights You Deserve
If It Does Not Believe You
Then Let It Observe

Tell It You Mean It
And Show It You Care
A Damn You Do Give
And a Heart You Do Bear

No Matter What Happens
You Will Find a Way
No Matter The Ending
I’ll Be Here To Stay

No Matter What Happens
You’ll See a New Day
No Matter The Ending
You Will Be Okay

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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