– My Mother –

My MotherMy Mother

She Welcomed Me Upon This Earth
With Graceful Arms Wide Open
She Held Me Close and Made Me Smile
To Rid My Ache From Mopin’

She’s The One Who Knew It All
Ensured That I’d Succeed
A Broken Heart, an Ankle Scraped
She Knew Just What I’d Need

She Was There To Greet My Day
Each Morning Throughout The Years
Always There To Light The Way
And Fend Off all My Fears

She Always Has That Way of Knowing
Just Who I am Inside
She Listens Without Judgment
As a Friend With Whom I Confide

She’s The One Who Taught Me Well
To Smile and Be My Best
Always There To Push Me Farther
She Puts Me To The Test

Always There When Clouds Hang Low
When Life Would Have Me Switch Gears
Time and Again She’d Help Me Grow
Had Me Harden all of My Tears

She Pulled Me Through and Picked Me Up
And Brushed Off Both My Knees
She Held My Hand and Gave Me Strength
A Beauty With Admirable Ease

She’s Always There To Guide Me Right
To Listen To Every Concern
Always There To Offer Advice
She Encouraged I Take My Turn

She’s Always There Right by My Side
At Moments I Feel Alone
Always There When I’d Stumble and Fall
Then She’d Help Me To Stand On My Own

She Never Lost The Hope She Had
That Life Would Treat Me Well
She Never Lost The Faith She’d Shown
No Matter How Far I Had Fell

She Carried a Lot of The Woes I Had
So To Ease My Burdened Back
As Only The Best of Mothers Would
She Would Help Me To Sort Out Each Stack

She’s The Only Mother I’d Ever Need
And The Only Mother I Want
For Her I Vow To Follow Her Lead
And Who’s Excellence I Will Flaunt

She Made Me See That Things In Life
Are Not Always as They Seem
She Explained To Me Both Good and Bad
Yet To Never Lose Sight of My Dream

She Was Always There For My Finest Moments
Times I May Never Have Again
I Always Aim To Make Her Proud
She Would Give Me a 10 Out of 10

She Has Shown Me That Life Is Worth The Love
Gave Her Blessing To Go My Own Way
Through and Through I Love My Mom
I Will Forever Be Hers To Stay

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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