– My Love –

My LoveMy Love

So Sweet Is He
Who Makes Me Smile
Each Day With Him
I Deem Worthwhile

With Kisses Soft
That Bless My Skin
His Heart Is Gold
And Shines Within

So Right Is He
Who Handles Me
His Love Is Strong
I Must Agree

Who Holds Me Close
And Keeps Me Tight
Embraces Me
Throughout The Night

So Kind Is He
Who Makes Me Laugh
My One and Only
Other Half

Who’s Gentle Touch
I Beg For More
His Heart Is Pure
Whom I Adore

So Good Is He
Who Keeps Me Warm
He Fends My Fears
And Shields The Storm

Who Cares For Me
That of No Other
He Gives His Love
One After Another

So Nice Is He
Who Cares For Me
Who’s Love Goes Deep
His Guarantee

Who Treats Me Well
And Loves Me Right
Who’s ‘Roughened Up’
Yet Still Polite

So Sweet Is He
Who Calls My Name
I Give My Heart
For Him To Claim

Who’s Debt I’m In
He’s Worthy Of
The Best of Life
My Man – My Love

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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