– My Father –

My FatherMy Father

He Welcomed Me Upon This Earth
His Heart Filled Full With Pride
A Girl He’d Made For Him To Hold
Who’s Love Could Not Be Denied

A Man Devout With Moral Rights
Such Thoughtful Traits Instilled
He Passed These On From Him To Me
Respectful Yet Strong-Willed

He Showed Me Many Things In Life
He Could Do and Would Offer To Teach
He’d Always Come Through and Show Me The Way
Always Had Me Extending My Reach

Never Once Had He, Given Up On Me
Though at Times I Gave Up On Myself
He’d Invoke In Me, My Rights To ‘Be’
To Own Up To Each Choice In Itself

A Father Whom In Every Sense
Always Did That Which He Could
A Man Who Loves With all His Heart
Who Explained Both Bad From Good

He Cared For Me Throughout The Years
Gave His Guidance, Support, and Advice
Any Mistake He’d See Rearing Its Head
He Would Have Me Stop and Think Twice

A Passionate Man by Many a Means
Whom Hath Rendered My Heart Transfixed
Beset With Love – With Intrigue & Honor
Well Blended Then Properly Mixed

His Smile Warms My Darkest Depths
His Arms Made To Embrace
My Sanctuary From Daily Strife
Whose Protection I Could Not Replace

Our Bond Is Strong Like Metal Links
Our Hearts Made Privy Bound
To The Ends of The Earth It Shall Not Break
Its Unconditional Love Profound

Resilience Is His Middle Name
For all That He Had To Endure
Yet Through It all He Persevered
So The Ones He Loved Were Secure

Thus Appreciation To The Highest Degree
Is The Lesson Most Grand He Had Taught
Another Father That’s Just Like Him
Is Too Rare and Thus Cannot Be Bought

To The End of Time We’ll Share It All
My Dad – My Hero – My Friend
With Memories and Days To Come
‘In The Moment’ -Together, We’ll Spend

He Gave Me The Courage To Always Stand Tall
To Believe That I Have What It Takes
He Told Me To Grab Every Bull by The Horns
Yet To Know When To Put On The Brakes

Without Him Life Would Be Incomplete
For His Company Is Always Adored
No Matter What May or May Not Get Between
Our Devotion Is Always Restored

He Helped Me Find Who I am Inside
He Inspired I Give Life a Whirl
I Owe Him The World and Then So Much More
I Will Forever Be Daddy’s Little Girl

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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