– Musically Endowed –

Musically EndowedMusically Endowed

Turn It On and Crank It Up
Get Lost Within Its Beat
Feel Its Strength and Move In Sync
Get Up, Get On Your Feet

Sing It
Dance It
Feel It
Let The Song Ignite Your Soul
Get Lost Within Its Power
Let It Swallow You Up Whole

Listen To Its Energy
And Feel It With Devotion
Touch It With Your Passion
Freely See It With Emotion

Lose Yourself In Harmony
As The Chorus Hits Its Notes
Take The Bridge and Make The Right
As The Melody Promotes

Ride The Beat On High – High Up
As Your Body Bathes In Song
Drench Yourself and Lose Control
In Music You Belong

Dance It
Feel It
Sing It
Let The Music Take You There
It Can Take You Where You Want It
Nothing Else Can Quite Compare

Back and Forth & Up and Down
The Bass Line Is The Blood
Left and Right & all Around
An Instrumental Flood

The Lyrics Burn and Quake
They Pack a Punch and Keep It Real
They Make You Feel Awake
And Have You Turning On Your Heel

They Have You Thinking Thoughts
A Thousand Times a Thousand Ways
They Tie In To The Music
Turns Your Senses all Ablaze

Feel It
Sing It
Dance It
Let It Sweep You Far Away
Enjoy The Sweet Aroma
Of Its Musical Bouquet

Soak In Every Note It Gives
Each Vertical Crescendo
Then On Back Down – Stay On Its Wave
Each Music Innuendo

Highs and Lows You Know It All
Both Opening Through Close
Guide It Through Your Mind Once More
Unlock That Which It Flows

Music Is a Savior
Changing Life Most Drastically
What Can’t Be Said Is Sung In Song
Expressed Enthusiastically

Music Is a Movement
Makes You Want To Tag Along
Live Your Life In Music
Grab a Beat and Sing a Song

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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