– Mourning The Loss –

Mourning The Loss

Mourning The Loss

One Day We Bask In Such Glories of Joy
While The Next We’re Left Gasping For Air
As Soon as We Reach For The Comfort We Know
We’re Left Waiting For What Isn’t There

Then Flashing Remembrance Sears Pain Once Again
At The Moments We’ve Grown To Outlive
Now The Moments are Memories Ripe With Such Feeling
That Have So Much More Yet To Give

Yet Never ‘Twill Be That Such Sorrow Ensues
If Thy Happiness Doth Be Redeemed
Only That Kind of Joy Is So Hard To Make Due
As Reminders Doth Tear at The Seams

While The Weight of Such Agony Cripples The Mind
We’re Left Gutted and Wrenched To The Core
For The Void of Despair Swallows Whole all The Faith
That We Need To Get Through Just Once More

Tasting Icy Hot Tears From Which Furiously Burn
Such a Scar Crudely Made all Too Real
With a Passion Gone Raw Through Acquittal
Of Such a Deep Wound That Will Need Time To Heal

Then as Solace Is Sought Via Deep-Pitted Slog
We Must Somehow, In Someway Move On
Though Our Loss Is Now Final and Heartache Hits Home
Our Belief Holds That Hope Is Not Gone

So That Maybe In Time Once The Wrinkles Run Smooth
And The Caveats of Truth Play Their Part
We Can Stitch Up The Pieces and Carry Along
As We Mend The Abuse of The Heart

May It Be Only Then, Given all Things Considered
We’ll Have Done What We Thought For The Best
So That Heartache and Worry and all Things Between
May at Last Now Be Put, Laid To Rest

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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