– Mind of My Own –

Mind of My OwnMind of My Own

A Cornucopia of Endless Charades Has Me Utterly Bemused
They Tuck & Twist & Weave Themselves
Abandoned and Abused

Seemingly Stranded Within My Own Thoughts
My Contender Again In The Ring
They Fight Their Way From This and That
A Plethora of Many a Thing

Thoughts That Build Up
And Thoughts That Break Down
Thoughts That Have Nowhere To Go
Thoughts That Corrupt
Thoughts That Have Hope
And Thoughts That Need Time To Grow

Leaving a Trail of Contempt In Their Wake
Grinning Beneath The Haze
They Struggle Against The Heat of Uncertainty
Fixing Myself In a Daze
They Burrow and Blunder In Blind Ambition
Inflicting My Thoughts In a Maze
A Juggler Who Chooses To Drown Its Own Jury
Then Teaches Me Its Ways

Our Thoughts Give Rise To Many a Birth
Both Things Not So Good and Some Grand
The Realm of Silence That Screams In Our Mind
Was and Always Is In Demand

Mine It For Treasure and Harness Its Strength
Channel That Into Possession
Just Keep an Eye Open, Your Senses Alert
Lest Your Thoughts Be Transformed as Obsession

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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