– Merry-Go-Round –

Merry-Go-RoundMerry – Go – Round

I’m Caught On This Merry-Go-Round
– Of Time and Space –
The World Becomes a Blur.
I Hold On Tight With Both My Hands
Yet Always I Feel Unsure.

Should I Hold On
To This Justified Merit
Spinning Ever So Out of Control…
Or Release This Grip I’ve Built To Withstand
From Reality Taking Its Toll…

I’m Caught On This Merry-Go-Round
– Of Love and Hate –
All The World Flies Past Like a Dream.
I’m Slipping Now as I Lose Control
Still I’m Caught as I Try Not To Scream.

Should I Close My Eyes
So To Shield From The Pain
When This Merry-Go-Round Casts Me Asunder…
Or Just Let It Happen Yet Fight For Control
As Inch by Inch I Fall Under…

I’m Caught On This Merry-Go-Round
– Of Good and Evil –
All The Colors Bleed Into One Shade.
I Try To Keep Them Vibrant and Defined
Still Gently They Seem To Fade.

Should I Give In To This Ride
With Its Makeshift Ambivalence
As It Carries Me Around and Around…
Or Take a Deep Breath as I Learn To Let Go
And Pray That My Feet Find The Ground…

I’m Caught On This Merry-Go-Round
– Of Right and Wrong –
As I Wait For That One Perfect Day.
I Sang You a Song as To Bide The Time
But The Carousel Blew It Away…

Should I Wait Here Till Morning
Where I Know You Will Be
As The Breeze Whispers Sweet Through The Air…
Or Carry This Torch Held High In My Hand
Doing That Which None Other Would Dare…

I’m Caught On This Merry-Go-Round
– Of Truth and Lies –
Like The Words That You Left On My Tongue.
I Swallow Them Whole as To Harbor My Pride
Though We Both Could Feel How They Stung.

Should I Count Down To Zero
So To Steady My Heart
Though In Vain For It Feels Like It’s Breaking…
Or Unleash This Love That Burns and Aches
For all Along It’s Been Yours For The Taking…

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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