– Made It Through –

Made It ThroughMade It Through

I’ve Made It To Heaven
In Passing Through Hell
I’ve Been Back and Forth
Up and Down Just as Well.

I’ve Made It Through
Gorges, & Gullies, & Gutters
I’ve Watched One by One
As Each Attempt Flutters…

Suspended On Wings
Full of Hope & Ambition
Just To Watch Them Fall Down
In a Futile Submission.

But Still Just as Sure
As The Grass Is To Grow
I’ve Kept Up The Efforts
Jumped Off This Plateau…

I’ve Stepped From The Shadows
That Once Held Me So Tight
And Perilously Leapt
From Its Depths To The Light.

I’ve Made It Through
Rivers, & Runoffs, & Rain
I’ve Crossed Every Canyon
Trekked Past Each Long Plain…

Through Words That Did Wither
And Tears That Did Burn
Through Moments of Triumph
Then all That I’d Earn.

Through all Disapproval
And Faith Thrown Away
Through Each Wave of Anguish
I Made It Each Day…

I’ve Made It Through
Bayous, & Barriers, & Bridges
I’ve Raced all The Planets
And Balanced On Ridges.

I’ve Hunted The Coast
And Sailed Off From The Shore
I’ve Made Initiation
And Kept Every Score…

I Owe It To All
Who Were There For The Ride
Those Who Told Me I Could
And Never Left My Side.

The Secret Is Simple
Just Never Lose Hope
And Know Through It All
That You’ll Just Learn To Cope…

I Made It Through This
As I Mastered Each Part
I Followed My Lead
And Kept True To My Heart.

I Made It Through Knowing
That I May Play a Role
Now To Pass The Baton
As The Next Aims Their Goal…

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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