– Limitless –


The Open Skies May Grant Thee Solace
In Times Restriction Bound
Thoughts Confined May Be Set Free
Climbing High Up Off The Ground

They Could Settle Themselves Among The Clouds
Where Many May Feel Sufficed
Bearing The Burden of Those Who Believe
Nary any But Whom Were Enticed

Yet Come What May They’ll Rise Again
As all are Born With Chance
When They Inevitably See The Prophecy
They May Quickly Lose Their Trance

Others So Lucky Could Find Their Way
Reaching Outwards Far Up Into Heaven
The Days of The Week Blending all Into One
Counting Backwards First Starting With Seven

To Settle The Score They Must Leave Behind
Every Factor That Once Made Them Whole
Erase The Lines Materially Defined
Giving Reign Then Direct To The Soul

This Will Permit You Shall Always Fly Free
Be It This Life, The Next Life – Forever
Unlock The Shackles and Unbind The Chains
Else You Risk Selling Out as a ‘Never’

To Up The Ante You Must Understand
That Our Hearts and Our Minds are Infused
That Knowledge Is Key To The Portal Above
Thus It Can’t and Will Not Be Refused

Open Your Mind To Every Extreme
Spanning Eternal Infinity
Accept The Notion That We Were all Meant
To One Day Join In The Divinity

Open Your Heart To That Which You Have
For It Simply May Never Come Again
There Is So Much More To Love In Life
Aside From Our Fellow Men

In The End You May Have It Your Way
The Last of a Dying Breed
Connect With Yourself In Terms of ‘You’
Then Follow Along Your Own Lead

Options and Outcomes are Only Laid Claim
By The Boundaries Within Your Own Mind
Let Them Invoke a New Meaning To Life
As The Possibilities Begin To Unwind

Breanne Katherine
© All Rights Reserved

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