– Life Cycle –

Life CycleLife Cycle

– Birth –
It Is a Blessing
As Our Kind Is Apt To Know
We Care For One Another
As The Years Would Have Us Grow

– Birth –
Is Unique
Each One Different Than The Next
With Varying Potential
Some Commodious Some Complex

– Life –
It Goes On
An Adventure Never-Ending
The Beginning of The End
Is Continuously Pending

– Life –
Is Eternal
And Spontaneity Intrusive
The End of The Beginning
Is Forever Inconclusive

– Death –
It Is Imminent
Always Lurking For Its Chance
Give Your Heart To Those You Love
Before It Can Advance

– Death –
Is a Must
As We all Must One Day Part
Do Not View Your Time as Over
But Instead Another Start

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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