– Let Us Pray –

Let Us PrayLet Us Pray

Like an Endless Ripple In Time Itself
Every Clock Ticks Away…
Ticks Away…

Our Web of Life Is Frail at Best
When The End Doth Forge Disarray

Let Us Pray…

Why Is It That We – An Intelligent Species
Deliberately Hurts Our Reliance
Even Through Blatant and Obvious Signs
We Continue ‘Convenient’ Defiance

Our Role In Life Is Finite
We are Bound by Limitation
Still Thy Gluttony Is a Downfall
Doomsdays Open Invitation

Ignorant Risk Is a Killer at Large
Thou Life Beseech Decay
Thus Nature Ushers Fury
For The Rights We Did Betray

The Skies Shall Burn In Crimson
As The Air Doth Choke With Gray
The Point of No Return
Is Soon To Be Along The Way

Let Us Pray…

Our Host We Know and Harbor In
Is That Which We Call Earth
Which Gave Us Opportunity
And Thus Granted Us Our Birth

We Share This Land – This Very Space
Our Fathers and Our Mothers
The World Is Ours, We Claim It Home
Our Sisters and Our Brothers

Thou Hope Contrives Resilience
We Could See a Clear New Day
Though We Must Take Action as of Now
Not a Moment To Delay

All For One and One For All
United We Must Stay
Grant The Power To The People
For as a Whole We Must Obey

Let Us Pray…

Will We Come Together
Matching Minds To Reawaken
The Power of Potential
Which Is Not To Be Mistaken

Or are We Doomed To Vanish
Just a Page Doth Turned In Time
As The Earth Goes On Without Us
Set To Rid Our Grit and Grime

Our Primitive Ways of Thinking
Make Us Victims To The Prey
The Ways of Rightful Justice
When ‘The Balance’ We Did Sway

Unless We Make a Difference
We’ll Inflict Our Self-Buffet
For Its Power Is Predominant
With The Force To Make Us Pay

Let Us Pray…

We Could Carry The Functions Sustaining Our Home
The Lives of Children and Men
We Must Do It Today – Starting as of Right Now
No More Time To Be Asking ‘But When’

The Time Is Today and It Isn’t Tomorrow
Yet We Say That Again and Again
Instead, When We ‘Do’ and Not Simply Just ‘Say’
We Might Possibly Save Ourselves Then

– Amen –

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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