– Karma –


These Enraptured Thoughts of Violence
Fill The Womb of Harbored Mind
As They Bask Within The Cobwebs
Hiding Dreams Quite Hard To Find

Where They Whisk Between The Columns
Of The Moonbeams Shadowed Plinth
As The Words We Long To Speak
Get Thrown To Chance In This Labyrinth

Course They’ll Skitter, Scatter, Scanter
As Their Ricochet Rings Rough
Then They’ll Pitter, Patter, Panter
Till Their Pride Has Had Enough

And Once The Moment of Their Glory
Falls Abash To Sands of Time
You Can Bet Your Bottom Dollar
That They’ll Pay For Every Crime

And Each Misdeed That Goes Unpunished
Every Whisper Cast and Cursed
Will Bear The Consequence of Punishment
The Way Death Has Rehearsed

So Take Your Darkness and Dismay
And Take Your Harbinger of Doom
Take Your Losses and Lament
And Cast Your Fears Unto The Gloom

For Maybe Then You Shall Find Peace
Without This Torment In Your Soul
And Maybe Then You Shall Be Free
From all The Hate You Can’t Control

Then Once The Pessimism Fractures
And The Irony Runs Cold
You Can Grab a Hold of Normalcy
Which Lies Above The Fold

For Only There Where We are Wanted
In The Place Where We Belong
Will We Understand The Meaning
Life’s Been Telling Us all Along

It Speaks of Course of Karmas Reign
Translucent Yet Abound
Marking Each With Character
Once Our Deeds Meet Leveled Ground

For What Goes Up Must Then Come Down
And What Goes Round Comes Back Around
And We Shall Wallow In This Cycle
Till The Justice Has Been Found

So Know Thy Place and Heed Thy Truth
Ignore any False Regard
Check Your Words and Every Action
So To Avoid From Being Scarred

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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