– Just Do It –

Just Do ItJust Do It

I’m Sick and Tired
Of Ranting and Raving
I’m Tired and Sick
Of Wanting and Craving

Doubtful Thoughts
You Cannot Permit
Believe In Yourself
And It Will Prove Legit

– Just Do It –

I’ve Made Up My Mind
Many Ages Ago
Though Results Have Been Slim
And The Process Is Slow

There Is No Room For Failure
No Time To Just Quit
Always Room To Improve
It Is Time To Commit

– Just Do It –

With or Without You
The Show Has Begun
Though It’s Easier Said
It Still Must Be Done

Be Cautious With Thoughts
That You Choose To Admit
And Be Wary of Words
That You Choose To Submit

– Just Do It –

You Know What You Want
And You Know What You Need
Time To Pick Up The Pieces
And Pick Up The Speed

Stay Under Control
And Do Not Throw a Fit
Just Weave It Together
Each Bit by Each Bit

– Just Do It –

Overwhelmed You May Be
Sailing Off With No Paddle
Thus You Must Overcome
And Get Back On The Saddle

You May Get Blunt Trauma
You Could Take a Hit
Though You Do Not Need Mercy
For You Know You Have Wit

– Just Do It –

Don’t Forget Who You Are
Don’t Lose Sight of Your Dream
We Can Do This Together
You and I are a Team

It’s as Easy as That
When You Fall In The Pit
You Can Climb Right On Out
With Belief Tightly Knit

So I Say It Again
And Again and Again
Do It With Pride
And Then Do It Again

Do It With Laughter
And Do It With Love
Do It With Honor
And all The Above

– Just Do It –

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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