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Life Could Be So Perfect
For Us – For Every Generation
Life Could Be So Grand
To Live Each Day In Admiration

Though Instead of Peace and Caring
We are Geared Just To Expand
Power and Corruption
Seek To Dominate The Land

Who Gave Them Rights To Choose What’s Best
From Diversification To Wage
Their Fatal Decisions are Leaving Us Broke
Leading Us Into a Dark Age

They Aim To Own Each One of Us
Through Various Misleading Demands
A Travesty of Justice
As They Issue Their Commands

By Brainwash of The Media
They are Messing With Your Head
Clear Your Mind and Realize
Think For Yourself Instead

Above Us all and On Their Thrones
They Treat Themselves as Kings
Like a Master With His Puppets
We are all Tied To Their Strings

Yet The Power of The People
They Don’t Possess and Can’t Control
Fight For What You’re Truly Worth
Take Back all That They Stole

The Future of Our World
We all Together Should Discuss
Not Leave It To The ‘Big Shots’
They are Human Just Like Us

Instead of Living a Lie To Yourself
Like a Sheep In Herd of The Laws
Invest Your Time and Energy
In a Better Full-Scheme Cause

Enjoy Your Life and The Ones You Love
For You Alone Own You
Stand Up For That Which You Deserve
In Hopes We’ll Start Anew

If We Stand Firm and Do Not Budge
We’ll One Day See Improvement
We Need This Change So To Survive

We Need You

Join The Movement

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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