– It Is Time –

It Is TimeIt Is Time

Close Your Eyes and Soothe Your Soul
Imagine Loves Embrace
There’s Little Time To Turn This From
That Impromptu Disgrace

Feel The Breeze Upon Your Skin
Absorb Its Sheathing Gift
Enjoy The Smallest Things of ‘Life’
‘fore They’re Forever Set Adrift

Inhale Such Sweetened Bounty Pure
Set Free Thus Thou Delight
Exhale Slow and Savor Such
Respect Would Be Polite

Grandiose Fragility
Is What We Know Makes Up Life
A Purpose Far Beyond Our Means
Is Refuge From Our Strife


How Tired a Species We Must Have Become
To Continually Dig Our Own Grave
We Must Be Aware That Our Actions Do Cost
The Price Based Off How We Behave

We’re Eradicating Entire Species
Better Solutions Would Be Wise
Our Hands Alone Have Stripped This World
It Is Time We Opened Our Eyes

Time To Take a Few Left Thoughts
Take Awareness Up In Height
Set The Cogs In Motion
Like To Find They’ll Turn Out Right

Peer Into The Mirror
And You’ll See Important Worth
You Can Help Spur On The Change
The Fate of all On Earth

We Should Have Started Yesterday
When Our Warning Cues Were New
The Impacts of Our Actions
Beg Requital Overdue

Everything Has Its Meaning
As It all Is Intertwined
Heed This Very Warning
It Is Time We Opened Our Mind

From Cradle To The Grave
We’re In Commitment Above All
Let’s Start Today and Change Our Fate
‘Lest The Cradle Shall But Fall

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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