– Initiation –


Let’s Take a Walk With Scrutiny Through Literary Works
We’ll Delve Inside The Mutiny, The Karma, and The Quirks
Let’s Climb Inside The Poetry – The Commas and Each Quote
With Each Dramatic Flourish and The Murder She Did Wrote

Let Us Take a Swim On Down That Vivid Line of Sight
That Escapade To Everywhere: By ‘First-Class Mental Flight’
We’ll Ponder Each Progression as They Make Their Own Way Heard
Notice Thy Endurance Through Each Solitary Word…

At Times We Feel Incredulous, Like “Sure This Will Work Out,
Maybe When The Skeptics Quit Believing In Their Doubt”
At Other Times We’re Insecure, Like “What The Hell Is This,
This Self-Fulfilling Prophecy That Turns This Sin To Bliss?”

But Then Again Priority Seeks To Justify The Means
An Order of Importance Fit To Blast To Smithereens
Unless of Course Your Passion Lies In Suit of Being Whole
Align Thyself With Honesty and Void Thyself a Fool

Thus Times of Course We Revel In The Beauty all Around
Let’s Hold On To That Trait Before Our Qualms are Somehow Found
We’ll Wander Through This Labyrinth of Colloquial Conception
As The Love of New Ideas Will Make Their Fumbling Interception

Let’s Take a Stroll With Irony Held Real Tightly by The Hand
Then Ask If You’re Still With Me – If You Even Understand
For Poetry Is With Us; In Our Hearts & In Our Soul
Woven Words of Wisdom Set On Quality Control

Yet What You are About To Learn and Witness With Your Eyes
Are Words That Speak With Truth & Choice That Haven’t Been Revised
Choice – Thy Name Is Poetry and Truth Thy Name Is Now
The Pleasure Is all Mine and May Indulgence Be With Thou…

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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