– How Much? –

How MuchHow Much?

Tell Me How Much
Are You Willing To Work
In Order To One Day Succeed

Tell Me How Much
Are You Willing To Strive
For Your Expectations To Exceed

Tell Me How Bad
Do You Really, Truly Want
All Your Goals and Your Plans To Come True

Tell Me How Bad
Will You Fight For Your Cause
How Diligent You’re Willing To Pursue

Tell Me How Hard
That You Want This To Work
Are You Willing To Do What It Takes?

Tell Me How Hard
That You’re Willing To Push
Through any Unprecedented Mistakes

Are You Up For The Challenge
That This Cause Presents
Be It Days, Be It Months, Be It Years?

Are You Tough, are You Worthy
Can You Handle The Stress
Be It Blood, Be It Sweat, Be It Tears?

Show Me How Hard
You Can Prove To Yourself
That You Can, That You’re Ready – Let’s Go.

Show Me How Hard
You Will Work For That Dream
So To Prove To The World You’re a Pro

Show Me How Bad
You Will Strive To Achieve
There Is No Way In Hell You Will Quit

Show Me How Bad
That You Can’t Live Without
This Confidence as Your New Habit

Show Me How Much
That You’re Willing To Learn
How Far are You Willing To Run?

Show Me How Much
This Really Means To You
That Finally You Have Begun

You Know That You Can – So Now Show Me How
Consistency Is Your Crutch
Tell Me The Truth and Prove This Is It
Do You Really Want It – How Much?

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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