– Here’s To You –

Here's To YouHere’s To You

Get Out of My Head
Get Out of My Mind
Must I Beg and Plead?
Get Out of My Way
Get Out of My Life
Oh Wait – You Can’t, You’re Me

Quit Calling Me Names
Stop Playing These Games
Quit Moping About
Stop Feeling Left Out
Enough of This Hate
Enough of These Lies
You’re Done With This Wait
And You’re Done With This Guise

Get Over Yourself
Your Habitual Ritual
Feelings of Lost and Alone
Be Happy Again
As You Were Once Before
Prove Just How Much You Have Grown

Not To Him or To Her
Nor To Them Over There
Or To Anyone Else Passing Through
Prove It To Mr. or Ms. Number One
No Other of Course Except You!

Get Off of The Sofa
Get Out of The House
Get Going On Where You Should Be
Get Out of This Mess
This Chaotic Life
And ‘Be’ What You’re Willing To ‘See’

I’ll Throw You a Bone
A Life-Raft or Loan
To Borrow Some Hope or Some Strength
I’ll Give You Support
Be There To Consort
If You’re Willing To Stretch The Whole Length

The Fight Is Within
To Be Saved From Oneself
What Is It With That You Don’t Get?
Muster The Gusto To Be But The Best
I’d Be Willing To Place a Fair Bet

On You & Your Goal
Which Is Worthy To Win
And Is Worthy Enough For a Boast
Have Pride – Take Control
Be at Home In Your Skin
Here’s To You – Raise em’ High – Make a Toast

* Cheers *

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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