– Here – Then & Now –

Here -Then & NowHere – Then & Now

Inspiration Kicks In Like a Well-Oiled Idea
Chewing at The Corners of The Mind.
Visions of a Time That I Aim To Achieve
Is My Fuel When Belief’s Hard To Find.

An Undeniable Presence Takes Refuge Within
Though It’s Bound, Held at Bay, and Chained Up.
Time Is a Friend That I Need To Adore
For It’s Gone Once It’s Used – Don’t Give Up.

Everyday I Awake With The Breath of New Life
As I Smile In Spite of The Grief.
I Then Breakfast With Purpose and Bathe In My Passion
Let Love Form Its Beautiful Motif.

Life Is a Game With Its Own Set of Rules
Play Along or Game Over For You.
I Play by My Own and I Learn as I Go
Can’t Figure It Out? – Get a Clue.

There Will Come a Time When Our World Is Set Right
On an Axis Not Far Out of Range.
So Join Me In Saying That Here – Then & Now
Makes But The Perfect Time For a Change.

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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