– Gone For Good –

Gone For GoodGone For Good

You Never Know Just What You Have Until It’s Gone For Good
And Only Then We Say We’ll Take ‘It’ Back If Only That We Could
We’d Take The Love We Shared and Lost and Spark It Back To Life
Then Toss The Cause of Death Away, This Backwards Stabbing Knife

We’d Cast Away all Shadow Safe and Sound From any Harm
Then Breathe The Innocence We’d Find Amidst Each Others Arms
We’d Never Ask What Time It Was as Time Had Frozen Steady
Suspended Lives Utopian Where Time Was all But Ready

Within a Place and Time Aloof With Grace and Our Cognition
Our Bittersweet Escape Made Obsolete Our Intuition
Till Reiterated More and More and Lost To Hands of Fate
Where Choices and Decisions Were Already Made Too Late

Perchance We’ll Wish Anon and Hope To Live Just as We Should
As Such… Appreciate The Love We Have Before It’s Gone For Good

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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