– Go Ahead –

Go AheadGo Ahead

Go Ahead and Laugh In Spite of The Fact
That Your Decency Must Be Overrated.
Go Ahead and Smile When You Know Deep Inside
That Your Ego Is Over-Inflated.

Go On Ahead Since You Know That You Can
That You Want To, You Have To, You Will.
Whatever Your Reason Just Know I’m Not Fooled
But Keep Trying; Enjoy Your Vain Thrill.

Go Ahead & Love Me If You Think That You Should
Though I’m Sure That Most Could Care Less.
Just Don’t Front Like a Lion When I Know You’re a Sheep
And Don’t Try So Damn Hard To Impress.

Or Rather How Bout, You Go Ahead and Hate Me
Anyone Up For a Fight?
A Challenge I Present, Can You Handle The Pressure –
Let’s Battle Royale Through The Night.

Jealousy Is a Sickness I Do Hope You Know
Take Care and Please Do Get Well Soon.
Go Ahead and Wonder What Your Life Could Have Been
Could You Only Have Sang It In Tune.

Go On Ahead as You’ve Done It Before
Give In To Each Wicked Temptation.
Tell Me You Love Me, You Hate Me, You Want Me
Accept My Open Invitation.

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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