– Gamer’s Unite –

Gamer’s Unite

Fantasy and Violence
Full of Intrigue and Dismay
Filled With Storylines and Partnerships
Tis’ Much More Than Childs Play

A Place Where Anything Can Happen
Midst The Depths of RPG
A World Where Shooters
And all Fighters Put Their Luck On Energy

A Realm Both Rife With Stark Cognition
And The Ambience of Disguise
A Place Where Victory Trumps all Failure
Throughout all The Varied Tries

A World Where Evil Runs Amuck
And all Things Magic Take The Reign
A Realm Where Stamina and Health Deplete
Our Only Form of Pain

As Such Our Triumph and KO’s
Are Then Aligned Within Our Queue
Of all Attempts and all The Struggles
Till Our Skill Comes Bursting Through

This Unadulterated Talent
This Inconceivable Good Luck
That Is Until We are Defeated
Then Again We Say, ‘We’re Stuck’

Yet Perseverance Is The Key For Gamers
No Restrictions Bound
Of any Age and any Game
Dare Ask, You Down Another Round?

As Such This Virtual Reality
Let’s You Be Just Whom You Want
So Deck Your Avatar In Anything
To Flaunt, Comment, and Taunt

Pull Out Your Gun, Your Sword, or Staff
Maybe Your Daggers, Shields, or Spells
Get Lost With Characters and Voyages
And all The Parallels

Make Use of Training or Tutorials
Or Simply Jump On In The Flow
Bring Out Your Axe, Your Bow, Or Hammer
Level Up Your BOSS Ego

Show Those Newbs Just How It’s Done
Just Dominate and Then Take Over
Yet Be Cautious of The ‘Big Dogs’
Out To Make Your Roll Game-Over

Then Connect With all Your Friends
And Join The New Phenomenon
As Gaming Lives and Gaming Breathes
And We Shall Jointly Say ‘Game On!’

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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