– Free Spirit –

Free SpiritFree Spirit

One Dollop o’ Love & a Sprinkle of
Sensuous Verve To Quicken The Loins
Is To Marinade, as In Don Juan-ism
As Jest So Freely Joins

To Be The Bane, To Bite The Bullet
Will Have You Seeing Red
This Flotsam and Jetsam Fusion
Is For You – a Thoroughbred

Anarchy On The Menu
Tipsy Turmoil In Pursuit
There’s Bedlam In The Streets Tonight
These Monsters, Strange and Brute

They’re Animals Both Wild, Untamed
And Without Inhibition
Seek Reckless Abandon, Approval From None
As For You – It Is Tradition

Take a Tonic For The Vitals
As Your Moxie Kicks In Gear
Laced With Thirsty Prowess
Just This Once, a Souvenir

No Shame, Regret, or Ill-Begotten
Luck Which To Revive
The Freaks Come Out at Night
And as For You – You are Alive

Now Prattle On, Your DNA
Spin Webs of Savoir-Faire
Savor and Ignite Your Life
Throw Chance Unto The Air

There’s Beauty In The Breakdown
Come What May, Don’t Be Afraid
Rebel Without a Cause
And as For You – It Is Homemade

Flagrant Is The Disposition
Needed Just To Be Free
To Be Born Again Within a Life
Of Vivacious Potpourri

So Live Out Expectations
Rife With Awe To Merely Hear It
Make Your Deadline Worthy
Since as For You – You Fly a Free Spirit

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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